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Aluminum & Composite Baseball Bats

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Alloy and Composite Baseball Bats

There’s nothing like choosing a new bat. Years of innovation and technological advancements have culminated in our most high-performing alloy and composite bats ever. Regardless of which you’d prefer, Louisville Slugger offers both power and contact hitters alike multiple options.

What’s the difference between aluminum and composite baseball bats? Composite bats are made with a layered material that is easy to distribute, meaning we can easily shift where the weight of a bat sits. These often have a larger, more forgiving sweet spot than their aluminum counterparts and reduced vibration on mis-hit balls helps minimize the sting in your hands. Meanwhile, alloy bats are made of a mixture of metals and have been used in baseball for years. They often have a much stiffer feel and are more durable than composite models.

Louisville Slugger has three dedicated baseball bat lineups: BBCOR, USSSA or Senior League and USA Baseball. Young players love the light-swinging 2020 Solo SPD USA Baseball Aluminum Bat. This bat is built for one thing: speed through the zone. Its one-piece SL Hyper Alloy construction was designed with balance and output in mind. A Speed Ballistic Composite end cap helps hitters get through the zone quicker with more control. For the player at the game’s highest levels, the 2020 Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat continues to be a favorite. Building on the legacy of Louisville Slugger’s best performing models, the AVC Microform Composite barrel has been engineered for the maximum sweet spot possible. A three-piece design features a VCX™ Vibration Control Connection System with independent movement between the barrel and the handle to control vibration.

Choose from our selection of metal baseball bats as well as well as our high-performing composite models:

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